Home Wish List


Do you have a preference for when the house was built?

Do you want a house in move-in condition or are you willing to do some work on it?

When people come to your home, what do you want your home to say about you?

Do you want to have a swimming pool or hot tub?

Are you looking for any structures such as a greenhouse or shed?

House – Interior:

What kind of style do you want the interior of your home to have (e.g., formal, casual, cozy, traditional, contemporary)?

What kind of floor plan do you prefer (e.g., open vs. walls between all living spaces)?

In general, what are your likes and dislikes for the interior of your home?

How many bedrooms do you need?

How will each of those rooms be used?

What are your preferences for the master bedroom?

How many bathrooms do you need?

What are your needs for each of the bathrooms?

What features must your kitchen have (e.g., breakfast area, types of appliances, etc.)?

What finishes do you want (e.g., countertops, flooring, appliances, etc.)?

What are your likes and dislikes for the kitchen?

Would you like the dining room to be part of the kitchen configuration? What about the living room?

What size dining room table do you have?